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A dreamer is one who can only find his way by moonlight, and his punishment is that he sees the dawn before the rest of the world.



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Infinity of Love and Star
written by lauryn at Saturday, 19 May 2012| 0 Comments |

cute bukan dia > < I like his eyes when he smiling

what's up guys? peace yoo..... annyeong =) . . . . eotteohge jinae?  aku sihat jer . . . hari nie aku nak penuhkan post aku nie dengan gambar Infinite terutamanya Myungsoo dan Sungjong =) Myungsoo semakin ganteng and menawan //hhihihi gatal =P Sungjong pulak semakin cute and manis... cakap pasal Myungsoo 'The Face of Group' , teringat dia di Music Bank dia main gitar, Sungjong pulak main piano putih....  nak jer Myungsoo dengan Sungjong mainkan lagu uhh untuk aku //hhihihi gurau saja maa... berpakaian biru muda, memang nampak gentlemen and sweet.. they have stole my deep deep heart =).... Oh my godd

soo sweet, getting jealous okay
I hope that I was Sungjong so I could hug Myungsoo and capture a photo with him just like that picture =P //arrghhh . . okay okay my wish was little bit extreme.... I know that you all want wish just like that right?.. today I can know meaning of R E A L I T Y and F A N T A S Y ..... they are an artist and I just a student who crazy about them.... they don't know me but I know them based on their biography... Don't worry I will support them just like I support my family and you guys too =)

Wanna offline =) goodbye guys

p.s : :
amacam okay tak Bahasa Inggeris aku? //hhihi I know it was bad... pasal post nie korang janganlah ambik hati sangat sebab aku tulis berdasarkan apa yang aku fikirkan =)