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Miracle Of December
written by lauryn at Monday, 2 December 2013| 1 Comments |

what a cute couple ;;-;;

Annyeong. Kon'nichiwa. What's up guys?? It's had been a long time since my last update. Err... actually, i don't remember the date XD fine! Well, i'm busy role-playing outside there. Trolling and rolling like buffalo. Everything. lol. My review blog?? I just put it in the box and lock it somewhere. Place that are far far far~ away XD If I've free time, I'll update my review blog. Maybe the next review is gonna be Miracle of December's album by EXO. They do a comeback okay ;;-;; money. money. money.

Anyway, I don't want to talk about EXO now. Sorry, exobulous. Even I was late 2 days but I'm still gonna wish that December's Time now ^o^ My favourite month ever!!! If someone questions me, "What's your favourite month?" Immediately, I will say "DECEMBER!!!" There are so many reasons that I'm fall in love with December. Raining, Cool, Snow, Holiday and my birthday !!!

Well, my birthday is on December 29th -smiles- Kinda late right? Who's birthday that are even late than me? Put your hand up babeyy >.< My friends' place is flooded now and seriously, the flood always happen on late November till early February. -sigh- idk what is gonna happen next. I wonder if they will move to the school or their cousins or others families. Me? I'm live at an apartment so I don't need to move tho -.- And here's still raining, making me cool day and night -sigh-

Okay, I need to go now. Role-playing .-. Congrats to EXO's Comeback and SMRookies (what da asdfghjkl) I like Taeyong. Don't take him. I choose him FIRST >.< Have a great day -smiles- See you soon~~~

Annyeong. Sayonara...

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