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A dreamer is one who can only find his way by moonlight, and his punishment is that he sees the dawn before the rest of the world.



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Somewhat he doesn't look like his age lol~

Hello, Annyeonghasaeyo and Kon'nichiwa
So, how do you guys doing lately ? I'm kinda tired this week because I'm so busy with my social networks. Btw, you know about roleplay / rolaplayer ? If you have an account in asianfanfic, maybe some of you will know about this. I'm not gonna to talk about this coz maybe my entry will be super long like an essay so let me straight forward.

2014 is coming and my new chapter in my life will be open on January 1st 2014. omfg, I'm seriously not ready yet but at the same time, I'm also excited about getting some new knowledge and adventures in 2014. Hopefully, the things goes well for me :-)

So for next year, some of bloggers will change their blog's theme right ? So do I. Last year, I preferred to white and some colors in my blog but mostly, my theme for last year is white. As for the next year, I changed the theme into kawaii, little bit of Japanese, still has some k-pops in there but overall my blog looks like more mature and elegant compared to the last year theme.

I've added a new section called F.A.Q / Ask Me. There's no particular reasons for this section because like I said before everything changed : New Year with New Theme & Look. An old section; Bias section had been removed coz lately, I've find it disturbing my blog. This is just my opinion but if I do hurt your feelings, I'm sorry ;;~;; Please don't bashing or mad at me because of this. Just continue to design your blog like the way you like / love.

The upgraded section is my affiliates section. Last year, my affiliates only had boxes with your name right ? But for next year, there will be an image; your bias / idol's image that hyperlink straight to your blog. I find this way to affiliates section is really attractive and pretty too because I can know who your bias / idol is besides your name.

From now, my affiliates section is still under construction and will be finish as soon as possible. For some people that I've send a link, please co-operate with me and also for those who want to exchange link with me, you guys can go the link down there. Kindly put mine and I'll put yours too. If I change my url, I'll contact you through your cbox ASAP.

Here : http://affiliates-section-xoxo.weebly.com/

If you have a problem, just ask me in my ask.fm box at Ask Me Section :)

Until then, goodbye~