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Infinite Sesame Player . . .
written by lauryn at Saturday, 9 June 2012| 0 Comments |

Hahaha , Dongwoon still singing there but all the rest member (s) rushing forwards the camera

Annyeong stalker (s) . . .
Today I wanna to post about Infinite Sesame Player . It is an entertainment program and interesting variety show . Kenapalah aku baru tahu rancangan ini sekarang ? Anyway , aku tak tahu lah korang dah tengok ke belum . Aku belum lagi . Tadi aku baru tengok Episode 1 //sob sob =(

Anyway , this variety show starting by Infinite member (s) .

 Myungsoo    Sungjong   Hoya   Dongwoon
           Sungyeol     Woohyun   Sungkyu

< - - -  Sesame Player Infinite - Episode 1 ( full ) .

Top Comments

  • + the kicking of their room door :P
  • WooHyun: He has a lot of makeup since his skin isn’t the best..
    SungGyu: He has a lot of medicine and vitamins [and underwear hurhur].
    Hoya: His eyesight isn’t that good so he wears glasses at home
    SungJong: He takes out his stress by abusing his teddy be
    L: He moves a lot in his sleep. He snores too
    Dongwoo: He does not wake up, no matter what you do. Even if you roll him.

Scene paling best part Sungyeol reveal the secret of Infinite member (s) . Sungjong got a cute teddy bear . Hehehe , Myungsoo ?  . . .  He had fair skin . .  Face of Group kan nak buat macam mana . Scene yang mengelikan hati aku part Sungyeol doing some art at Dongwoo face //hahaha\\

Hha, ambik kau . Aku kasi zoom x-large untuk korang biar nampak sikit . Yang nie aku tak tahu episode yang ke berapa . . Mian . 

By the way ,  best variety show nie . Hari aku tak post banyak sebab besok nak sekolah . Arrghh . I hate this . Kalau time cuti mintak sekolah , Kalau time sekolah mintak cuti lah pulak .

Kbye ~ Puing Puing =)