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A dreamer is one who can only find his way by moonlight, and his punishment is that he sees the dawn before the rest of the world.



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written by lauryn at Tuesday, 4 February 2014| 2 Comments |

sorry for that

Hi & Hello stranger readers
Now we meet in February and sorry guys for my inactive update my blog. I think it was a month ago since my last entry. Maybe more ? Whatever, just forget about it. Oh my baby, Imma now fvcking busy with my school. Everyday busy with my homework. Guess what, if I gather all my homework since the first day I got my homework until now, it's like An Everest Mountain. Only one word for me, STRESS.

I've already slowing everything down so that I can focus more on my studies. Hell yeah, studies! How about my fangirling mode about K-Pop ? Well, I still fangirling over them but no like previous years~ You know GOT7 ? Dammit, they make me going crazy dude especially that 17 year old guy; Yugyeom. Arghh... Sorry for my non-kpopper readers

Because of my homework, maybe... just maybe I can't write new entries for few days. Probably weeks. IDK! And one more thing, I do hope that I can manage my schedule well this year. This is not a hope I think. It's a must. Don't worry guys, I can visit others blog and mine too if I've some leisure time to spend tho =3=' Hahahah

P.S : I will visit you again Snoopy, okay ((*^^*))

Notes : Snoopy is my blog name. Lmao ><

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