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Horrible [ Part 1 ]
written by lauryn at Thursday, 2 January 2014| 0 Comments |

Hello, Annyeonghasaeyo and Kon'nichiwa.
How's your school day ? Have fun because of meeting your friends that you don't see them through a month and a half ? Don't take too excited honey bunny biggie darlings. I'm like that too back when I was 13 / 14 years old but not now. I've being a grown up girl. Mature. I still miss my friends.

Two days ago ...

01.01.2014. The day when my school re-opened and also the first time in my whole life, I went to the school on that day because normally the students in my country come to the school on January 2nd or 3rd so it's a little bit awkward lol. You know what I mean right ? (≧ω≦) Just... just forget about it -.-

Well, let's say that I'm not an old girl but I always has that ' old ' mind where I tend to forget things even though I memorize them like two or three times. I just went back home, changed clothes, switch on my laptop, twitter, twitter and stuffs: basically what a normal teenager doing after school like me -.- It was really a tired day because it was my orientation day for the batch of 98. 

Yesterday ...

I went to the bus stop; where I usually a bus to go to my school at 6:30 in the morning together with my friends. We just had chit-chat about everything bla bla bla until then I asked one of my friends 

"Do you bring the paper ?" 

and she said yes, the exam's result. I was like asdfghjkl, I thought about another paper ( which not important ) but she thought that paper ( which is totally important in the world (?) ) Quickly, I took off my bag and gave it to another friend and ran back home. 

Then, I saw my another friend and asked her if she brought the paper, she said 

"oh my god, I forgot!!

I continued to run together with my friend. Her house is not so far like my house because my house is like 15 minutes away from the bus stop, if you walk but if you go to the bus stop by car, probably 5 minutes or less. Heck, I always walking to go there -.-' The advantage of walking to the bus stop is that I don't have to jog or running like crazy in the morning of the weekends lol (─‿‿─)

As I run ( more like jog but faster than that and my friend already run towards her house), I met another friend ( a guy ) and asked him the same question that I asked to my friend early. The only word that I heard from him was ALAMAKK!! and he ran back to his house ( which is near to my friend's house that ran together with me ) I thought that they're really lucky because their house is pretty near, probably they already in their house and here I am still running like a crazy girl in the morning -.-''''

Finally, I arrived and quickly opened the door with my shoes and walked towards my room, printed the paper and leaved the house. Yes, I was ran.. again and saw my friends ( the girl and the guy ) already waiting the bus at the second stop. Luckily, I'm not missed my bus and if I did, that day... that day would be the first most horrible and the unlucky day for me.

Note : For those who really confuse because of the topsy-turvy (?) sentences about my friends, well, there was 4 friends in the entry today which is 3 girls and one guy. The one who ran with me yesterday was my ex-classmate, Alia ( pronounced as a-lee-ya and the one who said ALAMAK was a guy named Galbert. Before I forget, the another two friends that were chit-chat with me were Amira (we always called her Mira) and Atiqah.

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