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~ Tomorrow ~
written by lauryn at Sunday, 13 October 2013| 2 Comments |

I'm dancing right now like them in my bed >< Crazy girl.

Annyeong \ ( ^ o ^ ) /
What's up guys? Okay, like I said before, this is my second entry for today so I want to write English for this entry. Do not tell my why. I just do not know. First of all, SORRY ABOUT ENGLISH LANGUAGE *bow* What happen tomorrow? Okay, let me tell you guys about tomorrow. It's not my birthday T^T, my home party date or else. Tomorrow is a holiday for 'Hari Raya Haji'. The holiday should be n Tuesday and Wednesday but my school want Wednesday is a school day >< Damn! If not, it will three days in row holiday!!!

Well, I'm kinda happy now for sure because I can spend my leisure time more in my blog, twitter and my fanfic (check on my sidebar... if you want to ><) Facebook?? Uhmm, every time I sign in my Facebook account... Nothing great happen in Facebook. Only some fools articles, posts and more. Sorry? Anyway, it is true not lie. Maybe some of you guys like a.k.a love Facebook but in my opinion, I really do not like a.k.a love Facebook so much as you guys. For me, Facebook is sucks....

By the way, this entry is not about Facebook or anything... This entry should be about me. Back to the real story~ Tomorrow, I will be spend my leisure on my three precious account XD Writing this entry on English Language remains me of my school principal. He said that we (Form 3 students) should reading some English novels to improve our English Language in writing and speaking. Now, I'm on my way to read some Michelle Rowen's novels; what a great author. For now, I'm reading a novel called Dark Kiss. This awesome novel really remains me about the epic movie - The Twilight Saga.

By the way, I think I should not write too long for this entry. The day started to get midnight. So, my brownish eyes feel heavy and sleepy. Tomorrow, I will be continued with another stories. See you guys later...

Michelle Rowen's Dark Kiss Novel : C L I C K

\ ( ^ o ^ ) / Annyeong...

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Blogger SEONMUL_Yongz said...

Hi ^^ i agree with ur teacher. Reading and writing english is a good practise to improve your english skills ^^ gotta check out m. Rowan's books later XD

Blogger Lauren Kim said...

Cool... Her novels are really great.


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