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Seeing them happy like make me sad because they have to cover their sadness together as one....

Annyeong \ ( ^ o ^ ) /
What's up?? This entry is my second entry for today and the last entry. First of all, this entry might hurt someone (which I do not know who...) feelings. Sorry... Actually, I do not want to but I have to publish this entry. I'm not kind of a person that want to get angry or hating someone. I just do what my heart want to. You guys must be wondering what is actually the title for this entry right? It is actually Dear Sasaeng Fans. 

You know EXO right? I mean who doesn't. Only fools (?) who does not know them >< The reason why I write this entry is because the sasaeng fans is hurting our EXO. EXO only happy like kings as they want their real fans to be happy. That's what they want. Entertain us, make us happy with their songs and their voice being known in this huge + unlimited world. They had waited for many years to debut officially as EXO through hardship, sadnees and tiredness. The sasaeng fans should already know about this right?

You know what? I think the sasaeng fans should be in their shoes so they can know their feeling being hurting by the sasaeng fans as much as they do now. I'm saying these not only for EXO but all the kpop artist. If they continued being like that, EXO will be ruin or even EXO's siblings, friends and family. Personally, I don't like my closed people being known by public because I don't like being watching by some 'ghost'.

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By the way, I only share my opinion and my thoughts. I'm not hurting someone right but if you feel like that, I'm really sorry *bow*.

\ ( ^ o ^ ) / Annyeong... *bow 90 degree again*...

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