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- What a great korean movie - 

Annyeong \ ( ^ o ^ ) /
What's up? First of all, I just want to said  'Selamat Hari Raya Haji For My Muslim Pals' *applause* Why I'm so happy? Whatever. The entry for today. Yeah! I never write my entry as I'm doing now because of several problems. Should I tell you guys about it? Ehmm, NOT ><. Today entry is about this great + awesome + epic + sad + anything korean movie called A Werewolf Boy starred by Song Jongki (which is my ex-bias but I'm still adore him) and a Park Boyoung (Who? Google!!!! lol).. These both actor and actress were really great on their acting in this movie. 

I like the movie's storyline and the ending when Suni (Park Boyoung) and Chulsoo (Song Jongki) met again together after few years. That's called love okay. Chulsoo waited Suni patiently because Suni left Chulsoo with message "Wait for me. I'll come back for you" Okay, prepare a pail for me to cry. And this second occasion that make me really cry is when Chulsoo said his first sentence to Suni "Don't go" T^T. #50thingsaboutme : When the actor or actress cry, I'll cry too. 

What a great actor. Nobody can replace you in this movie.

Well, I do not watch this movie yet but I'll. Do not worry. Reviewing this movie remains me about EXO's WOLF ERA. Hahaha lol. Wolf = EXO | Wolf = Song Jongki ><  Overall, Chulsoo still waited Suni for years and he did not gave up easily. Even thoguh, Suni was getting older but Chulsoo still remembered her..... Okay everybody! This what I called L.O.V.E~ Waiting our loves one patiently,don't give up easily and loyal to our lover. OMG! Anyway, this all I want to write in this entry. For the muslims, I hope you guys enjoy your Hari Raya Haji with your family. Everybody (SHINee) don't forget to watch this spectacular movie for those who do not watch this movie yet. I'm covered my entry's ending with Chulsoo and Suni's moments....

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