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. My Voice .
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Kris is my bias + hubby + partner + darling + nampeon + everything XD

Annyeong \ ( ^ o ^ ) /
This is my officially dreams and passions maybe.. argh whatever. Okay, firstly my name is Lauryn Sue . I'm 15 years old . Young? I don't think so . I'm from Sarawak and live here at Mersing, Johore. A capital where a new city will born. For your information, I'm a Kpoppers (multifandom). Because of that, I really really like to sing and dance; watching music programmes. It make me had a dream and passions in my life. Before I know K-POP, I just a regular kid that study and doing things (?). I don't like to be crowded, noisy or things that make me fell uncomfortable.

What's K-POP ? K-POP is stands for Korean Pop. Just like the other singers around the world, they sings and dance too. There is one thing that made them really different between the artists from overseas. Singer from Korea really had a tough journey to become a real singer (debut). Even some of them had failed indeed. They had to take a traning from the company that they attend to. Before that, they had to pass the audition as the companies only want the best from the best. After their tough training, they will make a debut whether as a solo or a group. There are many famous companies such as SM Entertainment, YG Entertainment, JYP Entertainment and CUBE Entertainment. I'm not expert but I just know the basic only. The Kpoppers should know about this just like me.

Happy forever after >< Love to see Kris' face

Anyway, I told you that I have a dream right?... Curious? Okay, I tell you about my dream. First and foremost, I want to become a singer and dancer. My voice not excellent just like a real singer. My dancing only a basic. I just dancing songs that I know only. I do not know whether I have a passion in dancing. That make me really really curious but I just let it go. I always dreaming that I want to be a CUBE trainer. Why? Do not ask me why because my answer will be NO REASON. I wondering if I can join them. Hemm... I know that my parents will not allow me to doing this kind of things. They will against my dreams that I had built for few years ago. They want me to study hard until I can enter a university. I know that what are they doing to me are the best for me.

But, my passion in studying are very very low although I'm doing the best. I'm afraid if I tell them about this because they will get angry with me. Anyway, I want to achieve my dreams although I know it is hard. Before I achieve my dreams, I want to lose my weight. 167cm 45kg . That's my idol weight and height. Now? ... NEXT!!! Okay, My role model is SISTAR's Bora. Why? Because she is very funny + lucky + strong + sexy + can rap + pretty woman. Watching Bora in variety shows or in music programmes make me feel like "I want to be like her and I want to tell her that she is my role model forever".


Well, this entry is too long for you guys isn't it? Okay, I think I should stop here. My 'speech' and gifs is too much right? (Do I care? ><) I think this entry is the longest ever after in this year #1 Hehehe. In a nutshell, I hope you guys do the best in for your future so do I =D

\ ( ^ o ^ ) / Annyeong...

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