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A dreamer is one who can only find his way by moonlight, and his punishment is that he sees the dawn before the rest of the world.



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Screaming right now as I'm watching this awesome (?) gif ><
Annyeong \ ( ^ o ^ ) /
What's up? Today's entry. Yeah! I'm very happy today because... because... I GET MY OWN FANFIC POSTER. Oh yeah babe~~ Ehmm, sorry for my bad (?) attitude. Well, as you guys, I already create my asianfanfic account for my fanfic (which I want to test + improve my writing) The reason why I publish this entry is because I had searched many poster maker but none of it fits with what I want #BrokenEnglish >< (Do I care... Pfftt)

Okay, my first + new fanfic is called Kai & The Unexpected Things. Kai? Well, Kai from EXO became my main character. First of all, there is no couple or loving feelings in this fanfic. Maybe the second Kai & The Unexpected Things? I don't know. Let me finish my Kai & The Unexpected Things first and then, I will think about it. 

Well, it's awesome TT^TT Love you, poster maker ^^

Okay, done with my entry here. Simple and short >< Want to read my fanfic? Please search on my sidebar, you will find it XD

\ ( ^ o ^ ) / Annyeong...

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