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Lately (Part 1) ...
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Annyeong \ ( ^ o ^ ) /
What's up guys? Sorry for the late my blog update lately because I'm so (totally) busy with my school days and my twitter account. But don't worry I still do not forget about my cute (?) blog >,< and for my blog + twitter account followers, just wait for moment and do not unfollow me (angry!) because I'll follow you guys later on when I have my leisure time as soon as possible ^^ Just don't worry okay~~

Back to the real story, yesterday~~~ Why? What happened yesterday~~~? Curious? Well, many things had happened lately in my school and my twitter account. Ehmm.. what should I write first? The bad one or the nice one (think reallyyy hard now) ?? I think I should end my entry with the nice one. So, let me write the BAD~~ one.

First of all, I really cannot forget that day. Totally can't. Ehmm, every schools in my town has at least a ghost right?  Well, actually I do not have a chance to see the ghost with my naked brownish eyes and I do not want to see it because... never mind. I know that my school has ghosts but the ghosts are not active yet. As I heard from my sunbaenim (ex-students) of my school, the students before had experienced the traumatized moment in their life but some of my fellow friends do not know about it. The teachers in my school also do not want to scare their students so they keep their mouth shut.

While even this month, people are still talking about the hysteria moment which happened in several weeks before. It really scary to me because I do not want to experience that moment again since my uniformed unit (United Cadets Association Malaysia (PKBM)) last year. Until now, I'm still remember that freaking scary moment in my life. During my camping, people want the ghost disturbed us because if there was not that freaking scary moment, the day will not be awesome (?) . I mean really? You want an awesome day in your life with ghosts?? What the fvcking person you're. The stupidest person in the world! Because of you guys, many people got hurt.

Okay, enough for that. 2 days before, at my school canteen (where the Form 3 students are sitting before they enter the second school hall), when one of my ex-classmate come, all my friends were sat beside her and said that they want to see the picture. In my mind, what kind of picture that they want to look at? Is it something that I do not know in this school? So, I mustered my courage and asked one of my friends, Miss A (she likes K-POP ><) said that there is a ghost in this school. I quickly ran to my friend and I saw... the unclear ghost! in that picture. She said, some of the teachers actually had saw the ghost before and the ghost came again at the same place at the evening. Fortunately, my school's CCTV caught the image of the ghost but the picture was unclear so, you have to zoom in. Since then, I do not walk at the place anymore and I'm still scare when I look at the place; remain me of the ghost. Erghhh, I want to erase that moment in my brain. Seriously!!!!!!!

Anyway, I'm on way my to forget that moment and I will! Okay, I think I have write to much now and keep support me here ^^

Annyeong \ ( ^ o ^ ) /

 Lately (Part 2) will be coming soon....

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