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Lost In The 'Boom' Game TT^TT
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Haha. He looks cute >< although he is not my bias. Why??

Annyeong \ ( ^ o ^ ) /
#nowlistening TAYLOR SWIFT - BEGIN AGAIN (I love this song ><) What's up? Entry for today!! Okay, today is a school day (what a day that I had *sigh*) I should not attend my school today >< Whatever ... but tomorrow I will (?) I am still thinking about it. I have to think carefully because my teacher said that tomorrow we (The Form 3 Student) will either playing balls like the one in The Running Man or Netball again.

For today, it is actually not a bad day for me. I just got bored and bored and bored for few hours. Me and my friend (M I S S L) only sat and sang G-DRAGON - COUP D'ETAT (what a great + awesome + freaking scared song) over and over again. Well, you guys know about the song right? So, I should talk about it right now. Okay >< The bored feelings became gone slowly when the Science class started. We (The Form 3 Student) were played two games; the poem and the 'BOOM' game.

The Poem : My members (Group 2) and I weren't actually pretty excited about it but we played really well. Each of the groups ( 10 groups) must do a poem that related to the Science. Anything. So, my group did it very well (not so well actually but it is okay better than none) One of the poem that we made (which I really like) sounded like this.

Sehun suka Luhan,
Apakah bahan yang boleh buat kita ketagihan?

It is crazy right. lol. The rival team did answered it. Very Well. In the end, we just got 1 point (2 point - maximum point).

The 'BOOM' Game : Well, this game was really funny. For those who don't know the game, the game is like we say "Satu Boom Satu Boom Satu Boom ke Dua Boom"... Like that (?) Hahaha, I really do not know how to describe about the game. Later, I will give you guys the example. There were 9 groups in this game.

  • Japanese
  • China
  • Malaysia
  • Thailand
  • Brunei
  • India
  • Korea
  • Singapore
  • Paris (before - Indonesia)

Well, mine was China (the second group). I choose Korea, the other member choose Japanese and the other choose China. So, our group decided to choose China instead. The 7-th group choose Korea. My friend actually. She also a K-POP fan. I really do not like the Paris team. I do not know the reason okay. So, do not tell why. Only some of my friends know about it. ! PRIVATE SECRET ! The Singapore team should changed their name's team because it was hardly to pronounce the name for this 'BOOM' game like the Paris did. Anyway, the things had happened already and I so let it go. Let it go, LAURYN ><

The Malaysia team was the most noisy team ever. Maybe because the Malaysia was one of the male team (India - the other male team). In the first round, Malaysia was came off second-best by India, Korea was defeated by Malaysia (What the ...) , Singapore won over Thailand, I was came off second-best by Paris (Do I care...) Finally, Paris was defeated by Malaysia (Nice ><) and Brunei & Korea was came off second-best by China (my group). Last but not east, Singapore was defeated by Brunei. First Round Ended.

In the second round, the rules was changed to knockout (kalah mati. Sorry, tak tahu nak cakap macam mana =P Hehehe) Unfortunately, China was lost in this round. Thinking about this really makes me sad because we are so determined to win in the game. Frustrated at that moment. But we had our best and thanks to Miss Z for your loud + powerful voice XD .The next lost team was Malaysia (which was daebak because they were acted like the winner (?)) followed by Japanese, Paris, Korea, India and Singapore. There were tied winner in this 'BOOM' game: Thailand and Brunei (which the group that I was not expected to win and they were really shocked me =,=')

Anyway, I am writing this entry want to say CONGRATULATION for all the team including my team's member and my beloved + awesome Science teacher (Madam Goh) for this great event. Oppss, did I mention my teacher's name? Okay, guys.. my hands are hurt now because of typing this long entry. Hope can see you guys soon. By the way, sorry for the harsh words in this entry and I did not mean it actually. Just to share you guys about my feelings.....

\ ( ^ o ^ ) / Annyeong ...

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